SMC330 Lecture 4

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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

Matthew:  about law, Torah, emphasizing that law fulfilled…  Jesus’s babyhood in opening, genealogy back to Abraham…  Mary speaks in Luke, not in Matthew  Joseph speaks and interacts with God in Matthew  Infancy narrative  Jewish tradition, law structure  More human? Mark:  disciples being wrong and dumb…  begins with quotation from scripture  ministry of John the Baptist  Jesus is adult – first msg: “Time has come”  Calls himself: Son of Man, Lord of Sabbath, Doctor, Healer, “I am,” “My Blood” (“Shut up.”)  Others call him: Son of Blessed one, prophets, messiah, God’s Son, King of Jews, Rabbi, Son of Most High…  Good Jew would be called Son of God but Son of Man could mean mortal, implies humanity (vs divine), or divine judge/exalted figure  David was called Son of God (in Samuels, a messianic proclamation)  Juxtaposition of things not fitting together  Messianic secret  Because teachings contradict what they think?  Last thing in original gospel is fleeing in fear after the tomb is empty  Increasing sense of dissonance and contradiction  Matthew  Man from Israel, son of Abraham  5 sermons/discourses -> 5 books of Torah  conflict with Pharisees (with Matthew’s community  Luke  Gentile -> for Gentile audienc
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