SMC330 Lecture 5

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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

Unique to John  Washing feet (John13 (similar: Mark 14 Last Supper)  Beloved disciple (Supper not specified for PASSOVER in John)  “I am” (Bread of Life (6), way truth & light, resurrection…)  Lamb of God (vs Healer, Exorcist)  Miracles after resurrection (text ends then begins again)  Peter reinstated after denial  Fear of persecution  Piercing of the body (body and blood)  Emphasis on love, distinctive relationship with world (love but also darkness… more disputes and challenges)  Down from Heaven  Father’s only Son Different meanings  Relation to Jews -> Mark – “crowd,” “scribes,” “herodians…” vs demons (John 8)  Death – humanistic in Mark vs sacrificial/control in John  Role of Spirit – symbolic, succession (John 14) vs Mark “Spirit upon me”  Pilate – “What is the truth” (like High Priest in Mark)  Doubt and misunderstandings (John: identity, misrecognition)  Disciples (Mark: dumb, falling asleep, don’t understand parables, challenge predictions of death and denial…) (John: less parables)  John: Heaven (Father, spiritual meanings) vs World (opposition, earthly/literal meanings)  Word descends to world as flesh, ascends again in resurrection  Fuses together two realms with crucifixion  Otherworldly actions (wrapping in towel, time statements…) to tie together realities  Descending (1-12 Book of Signs), Ascending (13-22 Book of Glory)  Helicopter rescue mission, locating his own and preparing place for them to follow  John – primary claim to identity, beginning Christological (vs Mark beginning with baptism and Matthew with infancy narrative)  Nothing in jewish tradition that messiah should be divine  “I am” as definitive statement… (before Abraham was, I am ->
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