SMC330 Lecture 6

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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

 Jewish Mystic and Christian Messiah – Borg ch 4  (before and after Easter) (more human and more enlightened)  Borg argues (vs Wright) that Jesus saw self as messiah  Conflict with Jesus’s teachings?  Possibilities that Jesus thought he was messiah o Thought he was messiah and was right o Was wrong o Didn’t think was messiah so wasn’t (factual literalism) o Whether or not he knew or not, he is messiah (Borg believes)  Jesus Mystic – 5 fold sketch o Spirit person, healer, wisdom teacher, social prophet, movement founder o Mystical – God imminent o Jesus linked with Spirit o Influenced by traditions of Judaism, personal experience of oppression -> own desire for social justice… healings and exorcisms central to mission  Conventional and unconventional teacher (Jesus – latter because parables)  Inviting listeners to see living in another light  Source of wisdom from relationship with God and mystic  Offers new way of seeing  Social prophet… Enlightenment, political, community…  God is able to have relationship with everyone  If spoken with Jesus (marginalized) can have with other marginalized  Fredriksen  Jesus’s interaction with John the Baptist as beginning of mission  Jerusalem important to Judaism/Christianity… location of crucifixion, disciples living there after his death  Pilate must have known about his teachings before… why was he killed at that particular time  Arrival to Jerusalem (move between Jerusalem and Galilee many times for long time)… exceptionally rowdy crowd for excitement, Pilate allow Jesus to teach although fear  Not fearful of teachings but of crowds (Pilate and priests), must have allowed before… (historical implications, rather than gospel where Jesus tried for priesthood, etc)  Priests and Pilate fear break out  Last Supper – imminent kingdom of God  (God coming at Passover… vs Borg and Wright)  Based on historical aspects, Jesus’ teachings did influence crucifixion but step in between  Eschatological prophet  If Jesus made messianic claims, Pilate would have killed him and all followers  Apostle Paul  Hellenistic Jew, born around 10CE in Roman Tarsus, leatherworker, tradesman  Citizen of Roman Empire  Persecutor of Jesus movement but experience of Jesus’s crucifixion change life  What he
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