SMC330 Lecture 7

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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

Paul  Repeat about Jesus’ death  Christ as fulfillment of law  Circumcision = faith  “Lord,” Jesus the Christ, Christ Jesus, Son of God (in different tones) Hebrews  only document in New Testament referring to Jesus as High Priest  sacrifice (centrality)  Matthew -> judgement vindication at end of time, Torah, works of mercy in present time… divided accordingly (sheep and goats)  John -> judgement happens now, eternal life, from willingness to testify who Jesus is (works of belief vs faith)  Mark – Daughter, your faith has made you well… do not fear, only believe… all things can be done to those who believe o Trust in God’s power (can remove distress and fear) o Saved – in distress o Healing and fear – human concerns o Faith leads to wellness o Kingdom of God (imminent eschatology) o Savior – prophet – healer – vocation – new social order – founder of Kingdom  John – For God so loved the world he gave his only son… eternal life… those who don’t believe are condemned already for they have not believed the only Son of God… o believe in Son of God, result is eternal life and salvation in the present o Jesus is Son of God – identity o Sacrifice – lamb of God o Savior of world sent by God…
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