SMC330 Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

 Anselm  Ransom allegory, distort justice, dualism  Making devil something other than human creature  Necessity of incarnation, necessity of God-man  Only God can satisfy debt,…  God-Man to bridge gap and there is infinite debt  Satisfaction owed to God, devil set aside… relationship with God is fundamental  Forgiveness does not restore us to dignity and free us from debt… [subjective elements (what happens in me)]  so God doesn’t just let go  Celestial city  Asks for debt to be paid because forgiveness dos not fulfill justice, doesn’t preserve order and beauty of universe (violation) and not suitable to God’s honour (objective elements, universe as whole)  But God does wants to restore… does it through God-Man…  Payment, exchange…  Christ offered his death as payment for our debts -> obedience, securing our grace, his to give, offers himself, earns rewards… Jesus freely gives his death… satisfaction in the reward, merit is infinite and shared with followers  God punishes Christ with death and torture as payment for punishment due to humankind? -> not necessarily… (penal satisfaction)  If satisfaction can take form of punishment…  Anselm doesn’t see death or punishment itself repaying, but earning something that can be used to repent  Some or all (particularist of universal)  For some (Jesus people)… but some scholars argue that logically, better
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