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Reid Locklin

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Calvin Harsh Double predestination and election Systemeatic Synthetic Book 2: redemption, redeemer What evidence of Anselm’s theory of satisfaction? Calvin’s treatment different? Topic of chapter as whole (context) influencing or changing interpretation of theory - God – Man - Intermediary - Restoration of balance - Expiation - Language of necessity and biblical specificity (not God-Man in abstract but only biblical context, reason within bible alone), wrath, debt & obligation, appeasement of God’s hatred… – difference in Calvin - In Anselm: God just, rewards and Jesus, salvation… merit and reward… - prophet – teach, King – protects, only offer satisfaction as priest – Anselm theme offered alongside… one of things Christ does - God’s wrath appeased through blood, punishment – penile satisfaction - Hating corruption… hating us but finds what is good in us - Doesn’t fundamnetlaly
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