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Reid Locklin

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 Incarnation  Person of Christ  Jesus of Nazareth  Reading scriptures problematically  Mark: Who is he and why do the seas obey him -> left in mystery, id associated with higher than normal person (ch4) -> strongest claim in Mark about who Jesus is  Messiah  Lord – exalted title in Paul, not Mark  Son of God  Image of invisible God – Paul in Corinthians  Norris – different languages see salvation as having begun already in Christ, all see Christ as unique bearer of new order  How is he divine and human  Logos and reason  Council of McKea and Constantinople (325, 381)  Doctrine of trinity and deity of Jesus  Key problems of Jesus’ humanity o Hunger and thirst, limited… omnipotence of God o Suffering and death, contradict eternity of God o Ignorance… get history wrong, doesn’t know some things only God knows… contradict all-knowing God  Create as many problems as it solves  Council of Caalcedon (451)  Jesus is Lord  Ignatius of Antioch (d. 110)  Justin Martyr (d. 165) – Jesus as another Lord and God, Christ as word and logos… in secondary sense  Irenaeus of Lyons – analogies for unity and difference of son and father… idea of God’s hands  Modalism  Patripassionist – passi
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