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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

 Arius denial of full divinity of son, assertion to homo ousia at Council of Nicea -> Constantinople  Unity (divinity) – o Origen (unity, word-flesh, specially infused) o Alexandria (logos-sarx) o Athanasius (word becomes flesh, suffers and hungers in flesh for our sake) o Apollonaris (logos in place of rational soul) body, animal soul, rational soul and logos…. 4 part not 3 part, not human but something else o Cyril – one son, flesh includes human soul… one principle of action, divine emphasized…nJesus shouldn’t be divided into 2, logos must share in flesh as one person as we do so salvation works, hypostasis o dosticism (son divine but only appeared human), modalism (Father acting in incarnation) o Formula of Concord – unconfused unity o Gospel of John  Duality (humanity) – o Tertullian (Twofold) o Antioch (logos-anthropos) o Theodore (marriage and one person that is fundamentally two, union, complete inwelling) o Nestorius – divine conjunction of 2 natures but union in Christ o Tome of Leo – 2 natures and 1 person… properties distinctive to human and to divine nature become visible in each other o Synoptic gospels… (Theodore – Luke)  Mutual correction (Apollinaris errors addressed in Theodore, Theodore expanded on by Nestorius, Cyril in response to Nestorius)  Definition of Chalcedon… clarifies both sides, languages of both sides incorporated… reaches back to controversy, Athanasius, Cyril, Formula of Concord, (Nestorius and Appollinarius left out)  Cyril shifts his position out of controversy, b
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