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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

Rahnner  Christology does fit into evolutionary view  Difficult… throws vocab and explanations because at time, fitting evolutionist view into Xtology is strange and unaccepted  Spirit  Spirit and matter  Spirit not against matter  Spirit and matter in same world (vs otherworldly)  Awakening leading to self-consciousness  Spirit perfects matter, different ways of being and becoming more  Matter becomes, so becomes more, becomes spirit  Both states dynamic and not static (spirit becomes more too)  Spirit adds consciousness, perfects matter and develops from matter  Matter becomes more but can’t reflect on becoming (without consciousness) so not manifestation of spirit like human  Dynamism of spirit depends on and perfects dynamism of matter  Spirit doesn’t happen without matter in this world  Growing up and becoming conscious of self  World is expressing spirit because humans are asking questions of world, we are conscious as the world’s consciousness… so cosmos has self-consciousness  Human beings are to the earth what my spirit is to my material body  Process of developing dynamic experience and self-transcendence is same of planet  History does mean evolution  God’s absolute self-communication in history  Absolute savior  Irreversible self-communication  Individual experience - Cosmic evolution  Matter - matter  living body - body and life  consciousness - consciousness  self-consciousness - spirit  (knowing, hoping) - (interpersonal communication)  self transcendence, free acceptance - self-transcendence, free acceptance  Our self-transcendence = God’s self-communication  Cosmic evolution traces same pattern in history as individual experience  Matter always becoming more, develops capacity for biological life, becoming more of planet… consciousness, spirit…  Jesus as absolute savior  God’s self-communication must have historical and objective form  Reveal God’s self-communication and completely uninhibited human response  Irreversible and complete  Perfect movement from inside and outside  Partial fragments into perfection  High Christology  Chalcedon – 2 natures, one person, can’t divide/confuse/separate  Jesus is biological being, irreversible free acceptance of self-transcendence is same as human experience (except for being irreversible and perfect)  Self-communication and being in same reality as the presence makes him like God  Divine word in human history  Changes Chalcedon into langua
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