Borg & Wright Reading - chapter 6 summary

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Reid Locklin

Crux of Faith  Assume that Jesus belieed that thru his work prophecies were being fulfilled, Israel reaching climactic moment…. Knew traditions, martyrdom  Recreate ways 1CE Jews think about suffering, death and martyrdom, traditions  Crowded city at great festival ideal time for news to travel fast… Passover  Once story in minds and imaginations, told again and again with minimal alteration… Wright brings other historical examples – Bar-Konchba, Simon bar Giora  Bar-Kochba and Jesus similar vocation  Present and future kingdom  If Jesus believed to be messiah, believe task would be thru suffering and death -> stress not parituclarly odd thing to be thought by 1CE Jew with strong sense of God and gift for charismatic leadership  Belive desire and actions for violent revolution against Rome ook hold of imagination of great majority of Jesus’s contemporaries  Jesus was not suicidal…. Did not despair of life  Fitting with Jewish world of Jesus’s day (99)  Jewish chief priests threatened by temple turning… predictable manner to prevent riots and save selves  No evidence that post-Easter Xtians constructed Xtology in which destruction of temple linked to messiahship/voce versa  Pilate appear in accounts as tyrant, prisoner portrayed as rebel king…  Jewish hearing was not about later Xtian theology but about two politically necessary moves that chi
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