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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Yolanda Iglesias

ROLAND (represents bravery) - He did made some mistakes, but he is still considered a hero - He fought until the last minute, the very definition of a good hero - It doesn't matter that it was the end and they were all likely going to die - He kept fighting OLIVIER (represents intelligence) - Represents intelligence - The fighting between intelligence and bravery is a main theme in the poem CHARLEMAGNE - Charlemagne is the pricincipal point around which all things this is happening - He represents the right religion, and the model person - The final justice is also under his control - He is also the image of Joshua, who also stopped the sun - God chose Charlemagne to do what he was required to do MARSILE - He is not going to win because he is a pagan - It doesn't matter if they are stronger because they are not going to win - The men's loyalty can also be questions because they flee upon hearing the horn response from Charlemagne - Marsile is a good king, that's why so many people are willing to work for him - However, they will run away because there is no basis in their faith - Is marsile a traitor? - He didn't particularly betray someone, but he did break his oath - Though both Ganelon and Marsile both lied, one betrayed his country, while the other was using a military strategy GANELON - There is an idea that oral epic poems are open ended, and there are critics who think the last part of the poem was not there originally - It is unusual to find an oral epic poem with a conclusion - There are a couple of things that we cannot connect and explain because it is an oral tradition - There are many explanations as to why Roland nominate Ganelon, and whether or not it is true that Ganelon wanted to kill Roland for the reasons he listed in the trial TURIN - Is a good representation of a classic Catholic archbishop in terms of being a warrior and leader, as well as mediator and advisor GABRIEL - An active form of help from God, contrasting with the dead god of the Saracens AUDE - A representation of the suffering of France from Ganelon's betrayal - Showing the theme of God being on the Christian's side because God granted her wish for death, but not Bramimonde's wish for death mere stanzas early - She shows loyalty to Roland through death because she did not want
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