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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Yolanda Iglesias

I. II. The Last Stand of the Peers Incident 1: 80-89 - Roland refuses to blow the horn because it is dishonorable for him as a knight - He wishes to defend his honour as a knight and wants to protect his reputation as a knight in France - He was given a horn for a reason, and he should use it for that reason - He also is a representation of France, and should not die - The main reason he gives for Olivier is his own honour - There is a connection between Ganelon thinking about himself, and gets a whole lot of people killed, and Roland thinking about himself, and getting a whole lot of people killed Incident 2: 90-133 - "Charlemagne strikes back" Incident 3: 134-186 - "divine intervention" - Divine intervention is something that we have not seen before - The reason why the Christians win most of the time in this poem is because of divine intervention - Was God with Roland? Gabriel took his soul to heaven, so yes He was - The sun: they needed light - Technically, Roland won the battle because the Saracens ran off, frightened - When the situation is similar and you cannot tell who will win, then God will intervene Incident 4: 187-268 - God comes in at the last minute and helps the Christians - Go
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