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Thought, Belief and Behaviour
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Holly Wardlow

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1 April 4 2012 Announcements  Put first name in title of e-mail of ethnographic journal if you choose to send by e-mail  Office hours chance to pick-up your hard-copy of journal. Date and time will be sent to students through portal.  Undergraduate secretary. Josie Limo. 19 Russell St. Hard copy pick-up if you miss the office hours. Ethnographic journal class discussion Chris  Going Dutch. Both parties paying for themselves on meetings  Opposes traditional idea is the man pay for both himself and female  Feminism: female and male equality, shouldn’t female pay themselves to show their independence? Discussion Sexual network on spread of HIV aids  How resources are transferred to sexual favours Female perspective  Men should pay on first encounter because it’s the polite thing to do.  It’s not a sign of weakness for the man to pay. Depends on initiator  The person who initiated to meeting should pay for both parties Male shouldn’t pay for both bills  A short-term positive impression  The man can’t sustain this impression. Going Dutch  More freedom for both people  If both parties separate then both won’t feel they are in debt to the other  No expectation of to do things TBB199.Proff. H. Wardlow.April.4.2012.EJH.SP 2 Second Topic Love in Song Respect in Love  As long as you love me- backstreet boys  “I don’t care who you are or where you from, as long as you love me”  Shows respect for the individual.  Unconditional love  Past is the past, present is all consuming and you are my present  Fantasy of romantic love Third Topic by Jason Relation between height and love Is height a factor to love? Discussion by students  Height matters, I don’t date someone shorter than me  Attraction: height creates a negative connotation, and reduces initiation  H
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