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Thought, Belief and Behaviour
Holly Wardlow

1 Book: Romance on a global stage. Date: February 28, 2012 Topic: relationship between Asian women and western men. Relationship facilitated through e-mail. • Relationships made online can be deceptive. • Miscommunications. Translation miscommunications. • Cultural clash of meaning innuendos What does it mean to present you genuinely? • Genuine and not genuine is not bi-polar but on a continuum. • Is putting your positive aspects bias and not genuine? Or a little bit of Photoshop on your picture • Example: Women in china are getting glamour shots from the western men. Methods: • Look for internet chat rooms for transnational relationships. • Monitor conversations. Independent e-mail exchanges with people involved in these relationships. • Researcher goes to these places, in china, internet cafes, follows females who try these false relationships and keep tract: longitudinal. • Retrospective stories of these females. Note. • The ethics of this methodology were not made. The author is one of the first to use this type of methodology and is not sure of the ethical guidelines. • Example: unclear if allowed doing quotes from chat rooms. What happened during research? Author got flamed for joining these chat rooms for research and had to withdraw. TBB199H1S. Love and Globalization Proff:H. Wardlow. EJH.SP 2 Student opinions • It was respectful for the author to withdraw • The conversations will be biased if they knew they were being studied. • Researcher could have stayed in the chat room and made general trends of the conversation instead of specific conversations of other people. Study included male chat rooms for building transnational relationships. • Ethnics and moderators are on the website, people get banned for not sticking to the website ideology. • The website ideology was constructing relationships. Not sexualizing females and power domination. • This made the study biased because only males who were genuine about building transnational relationships were studied. The banned males were not accounted for. • The author focused on the successful relationships to dispel the stereotypes of transnational relationships. The stereotype that men are deviants, rejects and want ta submissive female in a third world country. Stereotypes of Asian women in mail-order brides. • Pg 15 of book. Men are more than orientalist fantasy, women are more than orientalist gaze. • Old orientalist definition: descriptive term for the study of Asia in the past. • Edward Said: Palestinian American theorist wr
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