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Thought, Belief and Behaviour
Holly Wardlow

1 Discussing about globalization, love and media. March 6 2012 Discussion of film. Mississippi Masala Back story  Indian family was living in Uganda. A father named Jay grew up with Ocala, some sort of partner.  Jay was a lawyer in Uganda  1 daughter Mena  They had to leave Uganda, from pressure to Ocala. Indian not part of Uganda nation.  Indians arrived with British colonialism and had a privileged position, helped them thrive economically.  Dictatorship of Idiamen, punishment for those who oppose him.  Jay did open interview on CBC saying Idiamean is crazy. Then the moved to the missippi. Lifestyle  Don’t have much money, downward mobility.  Jay’s wife runs a liquor store  Mena cleans hotel rooms.  Family lives in hotel South Asian community  Jay identified strongly with Uganda  Mother was more traditional, wanted to Mena to be with Patel (the most eligible Indian bachelor) Social hierarchy of class  Light skin associated with high class  Dark skin associated with low class Mena  Cultural clash. Does she identify more with American or Indian culture?  She danced with Demetrious at the hip-hop club and left Patel, the Indian guy Mena’s parents approved of.  She wants more in life. She doesn’t want to go to school. But she is also fine with cleaning at the hotel.  Indirectly rejected Harry Patel. TBB199.MARCH62012. Prof H. Wardlow.SP. EJH 2 Demetrious  Met Mena at the club, he tried to make his ex-girlfriend jealous.  Then Demetrious built a connection with Mena  Maybe Demetrious was a way for Mena to create a new identity. An echo of her Ugandan identity. She created her own unconventional identity by crossing racial borders. Demetrious family reaction to inter-racial relationship  Did not object, only didn’t think it was good for Demetrious when other ethnicities starting rejecting Demetrious. Dimities was going to lose his business Mena's family reaction to inter-racial relationship  Mena was a reproductive resource of Indian community.  They didn’t want Mena to marry off.  Mena was biologically and culturally a reproductive resource. They needed Mena to carry on the South Asian Identity. Indian community, despite not wealthy. They think they are a step above African Americans. What kind of methodical or symbolic role does love play? What does love do in this hierarchal context?  Love is a way to violate these socialized boundaries that disturbs other people but liberating for themselves. Traditional Happy Ending Mena and Demetrious do end up going together. However There is a lot of uncertainty at the end. Jay and his wife went back to Uganda. Mena and Demetrious’s car was going to get reposed in 2 weeks. Both don’t have education. Underlying, inter-racial couple was doing to have issues. Own path forged from individual choice, not form an obligation for family. Their own arranged marriage for themselves. Article by Brian Larkin TBB199.MARCH62012. Prof H. Wardlow.SP. EJH 3 Article about Indian Films in Nigerian Society. How one culture interpret media from another culture. Why this has not been done before  Academic discipline in film studies. Focus primarily on their own movies, med
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