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Thought, Belief and Behaviour
Holly Wardlow

1 March 27 2012 Announcements  Next week. We are sharing some parts of your ethnographic journal. Can read directly from journal or provide a summary.  No readings  Handing in journals, can hand in online. ABC approach to HIV prevention  Abstinence, be faithful, condoms.  Condoms seen as the last resort, less moral. In Papua New Guinea  Sometimes Papua New Guinea use A,B,B  Abstinence, be faithful, be Christian Tom Boellstorff on Lesbian and gay identity Globalization as process for dubbing. Michel Foucault wrote about  Identity and subjectivity  Identity and subjectivity as an analytical term Identity  think of a monolithic category that defines who you are.  Same in anthropology identity is a totalizing category that defines who you are, static In contrast subjectivity: TBB199.Proff. H. Wardlow.March272012.EJH.SP 2  your experience of yourself,  your interpretations of who your area  interaction with other people  how others think of you, the categorizes other put you in.  Some of the categorizing is internalized.  Identify is not isolated. Subject position: many identities we have are multiple and contingent.  Identity is contextual.  We occupy many subject positions so our identities are not momliphic but multiple and contingent on the social context.  Often the context itself force us in to the subject position. Michel Foucault  Born in 1926, died from aids, was gay. Died in 1984.  Historian, philosopher.  Got into the most prestigious university in France.  Historian of thought and social institutions, was elected in by other scholars.  Protested on behalf of marginalized people. His books  History of madness- study of the modern concept of mental illness. How idea of madness changed into mentally ill. Mental illness can be treated, not a wilful departure from sanity  The birth of the clinic- the immergence of modern medicine. There is a field call medicine, patent is docile, clinical gaze. The patient should subject themselves to authority of doctor.  Discipline and punish- history of the modern day prison. How criminals were treated from one period of time changing practices in another period of time. The transition of execution and send off, changed to prison. What allowed these changes. Ways in which these prisons brought new governmental control. Better surveillance, compliant persuasion. The model prison is the model to maintain control in other institutions. How citizens do what were supposed to do. How we are conditioned. Prison is the model for control over society. TBB199.Proff. H. Wardlow.March272012.EJH.SP 3 Panopticon- a design for a prison.  By jeromy benthan.  structural circular formation  guard can see every prisoner .  We internalize the idea of that. From a young age, we might be watched, therefore we behave  Therefor we conduct ourselves in legal ways. How modern prison is a form of social control., way for citizen to discipline themselves
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