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HLTB01 Lecture 1:  Internal validity: refers both to how well a study was run (research design, operational definitions used, how variables were measured, what was/wasn't measured, etc.), and how confidently one can conclude that the observed effect(s) were produced solely by the independent variable and not extraneous ones.  Internal validity threat: Threats that compromise confidence of the relationship existing between two variables. E.g. Arthritis being associated to aging. o Difference in the sample groups of individuals. One group lived in an environment that prevents arthritis while other doesn’t. o responses u get might now be accurate o Hawthorne effect: thought that because you are present in study you behave in the way you think you are expected to behave in the study. i.e. alteration in behaviour of subject due to them being observed o Mood bias: low spirited people might underestimate responses to health status because of current mood  External Validity: represents the extent to which a study's results can be generalized or applied to other peo
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