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Barakat- Haddad

HLTC02 Lecture 5- Feb 4, 2013 Feb 11- Monika holding office hours Monday 1-2pm Thursday 11am-12pm Office MW313 Women and Health Interview guidelines 1. Experiences of pregnancy, family planning, abortion, sexual reproductive health services, experience of primary healthcare 3. Violence against women movement, occupational health 4. Physician, nurse, midwife (older is better -> grandma, etc) 1. Informed consent, freely given (capacity to give consent): participants fully understand the purpose of research, and what will be involved and what it will be used for (children under 16 is not good for consent) 2. Privacy and confidentiality of participants 3. Minimal risk to participants:  If someone doesn’t read English, we need to translate it for them.  All electronic files need to be password-protected Universal Questions  Meaning of health/illness  Experiences of health care  Social context Dramatis persona: role play personality In Class –activity 1. How does your subjectivity/social location including but not limited to gender affect your access to power? 2. Share a story to illustrate this 3. Is there a category which the ‘power flower’ leaves out? 1. If you’re living in a male-dominant society, where rules and power is given to males, females will have a hard time having autonomy, hence you will not have much power.  Sometimes, these laws are made by governments, and sometimes it’s just culture-based If you’re in a political group, you usually have power because the government is always powerful. The government is what makes rules for society. 2. For example, women in Afghanistan are so marginalized. Their society is so male-oriented and women don’t have much say or power in decision- making.  Also, if you are an immigrant, whether male or female, especially in countries like Canada and America, it is very hard for you to have power. You are so limited to so many things, until you become a citizen. 3. Power is determined by length of time a person stays in a country, the literacy level, gender sexual orientation, etc. To put it in simpler form, the majority wins in every situation. Ex. if there are more straight people in the world than gays, the gays lose and the majority wins.  Political group?? -> political affiliation  Those siding with the government? Gender relations must be understood in local context, but also as shaped by translocal and global dynamics.  Violence affects women’s complete well-being  Exposure to violence results in post-traumatic stress disorder  Older anthropological model is considered old fashioned and outdated Microcredit and health: women’s economic empowerment and health -> relates to Cornwell’s paper  President Banda: speech was about linking financial empowerment and women’s health outcomes and health of their families  Rise of NGO’s -> service delivery roles  India: massive increase in the NGO’s providing all matters for services/care  Complicated relationship between microcredit and vi
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