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Jan 610 Harold InnisCanadian academic and writerOriginally economist staples theoryresources of country as basis of economyfocused on media and communications towards end of life final 10 yearsThe fur trade in Canadacovered life economics and culture in Canada mix of interests Why did he go into communications Complete change in focusWhat did he say Born in 1890sWent to mcmaster in TorontoEnlisted in WW1 o in trenches anything could be true except what was in printBack from war o Started academic career o Wrote booksstudy Canadian economy from Canadian point of view o Jaded nationalistDepression o Study of timber industry o News was one industry that did not declinestill interest in news o Lead into mediaLooked at economics from its effect on cultureBelieved role of academics was to stand backkeep perspective not to take actionPhilosophical economistAs media theoristdenounced booksJan 1310 Hegelphilosopher Minervas owl begins its flight only in the gathering dusk Minvervagodess of wisdom Owlsymbol of wisdomCan only make sense of something near the endAs societycivilization is in decline you can understand what went right what went wrongWisdom at endtoo lateInnishistorical economistAt end of lifethinks where did western society go wrong Where did I go wrongWhy was philosophy separated from other intellectual topics science was natural philosophyDid it happen without thought
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