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Reframing Prostitution as Work - Constructing prostitution as an immediate social crisis that needs to be dealt with - The prostitute as a deviant identity – the government is saying it’s okay to treat prostitutes badly since they treat prostitutes badly - Living off the avails of prostitution is illegal (bodyguards, people who do john screening) - Keeping a bawdyhouse is also illegal, which forces sex workers into the streets instead of having their own safe space - Solicitation is illegal - The criminalization of sex work won’t eliminate the sex trade, protect youth prostitutes (because it doesn’t get to the root of the problem) and doesn’t protect prostitutes because it makes it more difficult for them to keep themselves safe - Some radical feminists argue that prostitution is inherently violence against women - Can women freely choose to enter sex work? - Even if choice is mitigated by cultural factors, so are all choices - Legalization = lots of state regulation over prostitution - Decriminalization = not regulated; just legal and not a government issue - A lot of people take different kinds of jobs for various reasons, but it’s important for people to have safe spaces to work in - People who don’t have safe spaces to work in are forced out into the streets, which is much more dangerous - The people most involved in these issues often don’t get a say in regulation (prostitutes, johns, people with disabilities who use sex workers) - Act vs. identity – a prostitute vs. someone who has sex for money - The idea of a prostitute
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