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University of Toronto St. George
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R Salutin

p.?? DIY Culture? Nothing that didn't agree with the gatekeepers pov of reality was not allowed to pass and not passed to the people. The right to talk back Who are the gatekeepers of the internet? ISPs, internet service providers. Net neutrality on internet? P113. Top. Consumer turn out to be producers. Reasons for blogging. Not to make money. So much unpaid labor force. Developing a labour force that doesn't have typical workforce attitude. People do things they enjoy and that they care about, not necessarily to produce or for the pay like what people used to prepare for. Social media: training a different kind of mentality for workforce: know how to do stuff useful, product socially useful but want to express themselves, but cannot be paid for it with current economic system. e.g. YouTube, no hierarchy, no boss, work together, crowd source, communicate, at your own pace/schedule. Nobody knows how to organize that stuff. Yet some of the best and most needed stuff is produced in a way that we cannot handle yet. The skills are high level and attitudes match but will anyone pay you for it? Now we have to market ourselves and our skills, not like before just skills. Essay 2 info: 1. Gather research 2. Analyze research 3. Synthesizing and writing Option 1: Research paper examining the changing nature of ownership and payment for material on the Internet. You may compare models of “free” or “pirated’ material Or (can do just 1 or both) the use of “paywalls” for newspapers, payment through advertising and other approaches. Based on course materials and other outside sources, consider the issues and implications of paying, or not paying, for content on the Internet. (Broader thing that applies to specific model you choose) Option 2: A research paper examining from both individual and social standpoints, the issues of privacy and sur
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