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Essay 1: Harold Innis will be posted on BB DUE Feb 14 by 5pm in Rick's mailbox UC 173 How would Harold Innis (died 1952) analyze the Internet? Based on class readings and your experience as an Internet user, does the Internet reflect Innis’ understanding of Oral tradition? Written tradition? Both? Something else? There is no ‘correct’ answer here. Consider this a persuasive essay in which you connect the theories of Innis to your experiences of the Internet — including social networking tools or other applications, software, and mobile devices related to your daily use of the Internet. Maximum 700 words, or approximately two pages in length. General thoughts: Think about your assumptions or things you take for granted that underlie your experience as an internet user, be reflective, jot down notes about innis before get started General guidelines: Think about boundaries, only 1 or 2 of Innis' ideas (oral tradition, written tradition, knowledge and power, bias) introduce ideas upfront, fast pretend Jeff doesn't really know much. Personal experience with it, get specific, how it is part of your daily life, down to applications, programs, aspects and functions of fb, how you use it and affect your daily life and relate to Innis. Choose 1 example on the internet to make it more focused. Examples: Youtube. How Google trying to dominate... Microsoft. Nature of online courses... Can use 'I', first opinion based on your experiences, but still need evidence and arguments May write in a journalist style - like telling a story, BUT STILL CITE WORK, double space, can cite lectures Specific Things TA looking for: Connect ideas to personal experience Traditional thesis? Should have an idea on where you stand, have an opinion, statement. This is what I think about Innis... Not big questions about revolutionary... Consistent style: MLA, APA, etc. Will get detailed feedback from TA Next class: Star, Michael Cooke, 3-4, on Rob Ford and mass media RESPONSIBLE FO WHAT HE SAYS ON THE EXAM Bias of writing, print, can't go back and forth or engage in long exploration Factual, cut dry info We only know the written tradition through the reflection of oral? - Innis Noah Chomsky? Media critic. Challenge mainstream media Media in democracy here is not that different from mass media controlled by gov, ministry of propg Reflect what people with power, gov want people to think, only difference is flavor
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