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University of Toronto St. George
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R Salutin

Whole ways of life uprooted by technological change: iron goods disrupted ways of life of natives Innis obsessed about transformation of ways of life of world (mostly west) because of printing press, massively altered ways of life and seeing life Innis on bias: instead of political, background, historical differences More about bias of medium, incline to use it for different purposes e.g. clay for laws, paper everyday news... technology available for transmitting important stuff... pay attn to certain issue more than others... innis on today: every civilization is bias by thinking they are beyond bias... because you are in the middle of it. E.g. canadians think they don't have accents. Innis: bias which we are in the thick of, otherwise you are in danger of thinking that you are objective and unbiased when you are... we are biased by the tech of our time and make it harder for us to see the problems as they are and harder to solve them Innis: p3 Minerva, goddess of wisdom, as civilization starts to decline, it is then that they can actually understand their problems, what they did wrong and how they could have solved them... Only wise when you die Why do we attend to the things which we attend? Sensational things we focus on How does writing lead to sensational interests, scandal... P9 We have no history of conversation or of the oral tradition except as they are revealed darkl
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