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Rob ford - biggest local story of Toronto, not just here but internationally even We are used to the concentration of power. In the past, 50 companies own 40,000 media outlets in US, now 6. Very few controlling voices. (e.g. Viacom, Disney, Time Warner, ...) In Canada, Rogers, Bell, Quebec one (own all of the Sun's), Shaw, ... If foreign countries (US) control all of our media outlets, Canada would never have its own voice, hence CBC introduced. Many rules about Canadian ownership... especially important in NEWS coverage. Because need more views represented, especially our own. Weak point in more owners you have, the more views represented: they are still all owners and would narrow views, pretty much all men, largely white, well to do enough to own this, prbly not a wide diversity of views, lucky if 1 believed in unions. Affect of ads on bias: Any medium not dependent on ads? But books not quite like others... but when you buy a book, there is no ads on it. Dependence on ads tends to homogenize content, trying to maximize readers to get more sales, such as avoiding strong politics in main sections... create the idea of objectivity 'it is just news' newspapers got dumbed down to get more people and charge more to advertisers Innis approach to: less material worth more in oral tradition, advertising may have added to dumbing down of news media... Do people still think in terms of public ownership? What has a more public quality: CBC vs Internet? Internet: a lot of content is user created, along with major media outlets and large content providers along with social media.
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