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Lecture 8

UNI101Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Homoeroticism, Voyeurism, Ideal Type

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Scott Rayter

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Sex and Sport
- How is sport gendered?
- Gender segregation because of perception of huge difference in ability between men
and women so there would be a disadvantage to women if men competed with them
- For men the assumption in sports is that they’re straight and the assumption with women
is that they’re not
- Sport is often a site of reproducing this mythic masculine power
- The bodies exemplified in sport serve as the ideal type of body – young, muscular,
powerful, impossible for most to achieve (training, skill, genetics)
- Homoeroticism in sport
- Voyeurism in sport
- Homophobia in sport
Transsexual Bodies at the Olympics
- The origin of the Stockholm consensus was to include trans bodies in a restrictive way
so women wouldn’t be “disadvantaged” by competing against men
- It really policed gender even more by creating even more rigid boundaries between men
and women that were actually pretty arbitrary
- There is a fear of men pretending to be women or turning into women to win gold medals
- The advantage argument is ridiculous because your body is actually disadvantaged after
a transition
- Why are women’s bodies being policed but men’s bodies are not?
Queering Pervert City
- Media construction of the abuse scandal as a story of Swift Current as a dysfunctional
- Knowledge about and representation of James’ homosexuality
- Difference between same-sex and other-sex intergenerational sexuality
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