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Rick Salutin

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Tuesday September 14th 2010
Definition of sexuality: gender identities, power, public/ private, religions/ values,
reproduction/ pleasure, scientific vs. biological vs. cultural, censorship in art, fantasy, sub-
It is hard to talk about sex objectively when all the above are involved.
Sex was only legitimate if it was for reproduction.
1914-1915 Freud
People always thought that sexuality was instinctive.
However, Freud brought the idea of a developmental psychology = sexuality changes over
time, not constant.
Freud comes up with the term libido which begins with hunger, needs an object and
involves satisfaction for fulfillment.
Instinct vs. Drive
Instinct stays the same, natural, cant be changed
Drive never stays the same, fulfilled in different ways, changes over time
Freud argued that children had sexuality too and that sexuality develops over time. It
doesnt just begin at puberty, the ability to reproduce does.
3 Phases
Oral (0 to 2 years old)
- Centers around the mouth and the pleasure that the child receives when they are being
- Adult sexuality is based on child experiences
- The most important phase because it establishes the bond between the mother and child
Anal (2 to 4 years old)
- Potty-training (same acts, different meanings over time)
- One has control over own body, and other bodies as well (experiences power)
- Children learns about shame and public/ private, taught about repression
Genital (4 to 5 years old)
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