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Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Conceptual Art Lecture 9: Conceptual Art in details

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Lisa Steele

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VIS120H1 F
Monday November 22nd, 2010
Lecture #9: Conceptual Art
Exam Thursday Dec. 16 9 11AM
MAD-Z Rm.SS2135
- Robert Smithson:
o Spiral Jetty
o Seen as a visionary taking art outside of the studio, yet still had a studio practice
o Earth works experienced mainly through the documentation (films, photos,
recordings etc.)
o Works sought to intervene with natural phenomena, often to reveal how the earth
responded to intervention Proto-environmentalist
o Asphalt Rundown
o Regarded as minimalist earth art/land art yet officially categorized as conceptual
- Walter De Maria:
o Lightning field
o Earthwork artists of this time had a kind of spiritual approach. Connecting to
energies of the earth.
o Vertical Earth Kilometre
- Conceptual art:
o Idea art
o Information art
o Taken in the form of documents, body art, performance art, video art
o Marcel Duchamp Proto-conceptual artist thought and idea over form and
- Robert Rauschenberg:
o Erased de Kooning Drawing
o Rebellion against the status quo
- Piero Manzoni:
o Artist’s Shit
o Piero Manzoni Signing a woman’s body – Certificate
o Turned the readymade into something that could include peple
- Yves Klein:
o Proto-conceptual artist
o Leap into the Void
o Artists were making their way into the media
o Blue Monochrome (IKB 83)
o The process of painting defined the art
o Anthropometries de L’Epoque Bleue – women’s bodies were the paint brush –
Living brushes
- The conceptual movement officially began in the mid 60’s
- Often conceptual art is in the form of a document
- Post war optimism was beginning to fade in America
- John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, has recently been assassinated
- U.S. involvement in the unpopular Vietnam War
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