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VIS 120 Lecture 7 10/29/2012 9:53:00 AM Helpful additions to an Art Review: - Technique of the artist - Describe adjectives used by explaining why - Definitions of the style - Relate to Historical movements if possible Minimalism  Composed music was a great inspiration to Minimalism  Counted on the viewer to complete the artwork  Wanted the viewer to focus on just the image itself  Black Square, 1920, Malevich - Even though Malevich was a suprematist painter his works are linked to minimalism because of their simplicity - Man made and not related to nature  Interminable Net, 1959, Yayoi Kusama - Applied black paint to the canvas and then covered the paint with tine arches -“Is originality in art necessary in the future”- related to the abstract expressionism style in which artists strived to create something new - Art was described as cells and countless chains - Repetition was a key factor in her work and shows a an obsessive behaviour - Friends with Newman and Rothko - Affected by the nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima - Kusama was not a minimalist but had a great impression on the style  Yayoi Kusama in front of 33” white net painting - Installation style was unique in which she would pain ton canvases tailored to the size of the galleries walls which was a very dramatic experience  Die Fahne Hoch, The Raised Banner, 1954, Frank Stella - Born in America and lived in New York - Before he was 25 he was exhibiting in the MOMA - This work had the same effect as the painting of the flags - Thought that painting was about painting, not about making a reference, or creating a symbol, what you see, is what you see  Tomlinson Court Park, 1959, Frank Stella -Wanted to replace abstract expressionism with reason, order, and logic  Six Mile Bottom, 1960, Frank Stella -One of the first shaped canvases  Night Sea, Agnes Martin, 1963 - Not minimalist but style was similar - Lived in New York - The grid was a symbol for trees and their innocence - Repetition and sy
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