VIS 120 (24/9)

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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria College Courses
Lisa Steele

Battle of the Somme -million and half men lost lives – 10 million died by end -1918 spanish flu spread -shell shock affected many soldiers -artists of the time were living in this era Avant garde artists were breaking away from something -responded to the turmoil of the time Futurism -1900 launched Marenetti -celebrated speed, destruction and the war Marinetti -intend to ‘sing the love of danger, glorify war’ -harsh character -made typography -scorn for women -wanted society brought down Balla -Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash 1912 -1914 began advocating futurist lifestyle Makina topographica -mimicking typewriter Muybridge photography -highly influencing lots of artists even the futurists Bragaglia -motion photography still cameras -series of movements -what futurists wanted to do to vision -tour of his work was have encouraged the cubist and futurists Boccioni -Charge of Lancer 1915 -horses were still common in warfare and infantry fought on foot -The Forces of the Street 1911 -new ways of seeing the world with electricity -Unique forms of continuity in space 1913 -very similar to cubists works of opening space Russolo -made Into
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