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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria College Courses
Lisa Steele

September 10, 2012 Lecture #1 FADIS - Today’s images in the lecture aren’t on any test (unless they recur) - Download slides in PDF form to study - Critical theory - What will we study? - Art in context: social, cultural, political context linking art to world events - Modernism: art from 1900-1965; the art that led to Postmodernism - Postmodernism: art from 1965-today - Don’t write down slide info i.e. images (will be available on FADIS); make notes on the concepts discussed in the lecture (what led to the work/movement *biographical info = not important; overall context is more important) - Modern: before 1965 - Postmodern: after 1965 - Contemporary: happening at the same time - Modern: overall design of the picture, technique is important; how paint is applied - Postmodern: story involved; can’t escape subjectivity and narrative; something going on - Different reaction to Postmodern than Modern - Modern: - Order - Form - Abstraction - Traditional hierarchy (male) - Postmodern: - Disorder - Content - Narrative - Diversity (female, queer, minority groups) Art: - Hippocrates contrasted art with life - art of medicine - Plato put art above routine b/c art follows rational principles and rules - Aristotle: arts were skills based on knowledge that could be learned - Painting & sculpture = imitative arts - Poetry and music = highly regarded - Imitative arts: sophistry (deceptive/false reasoning) - Arts = linked to sciences into the Renaissance - E.g. Leonardo DaVinci = sketches of anatomy - Worked with cadavers in order to accurately depict the human body - Fresco = painting on wet plaster; pain
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