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Lisa Steele

Lecture 4 October-01-12 10:20 AM DADA: first there was zerg dada in Switzerland Group of painters and poets met in a bar Against the government. Hugo ball in cubist costume reading him pown karwane at the cabaret Voltaire, date 1916 Getting use of communication devices of their time. POEM: phonetic way of producing songs that made no sense. Tristan Tzara: he wrote number of manifestos. Advertising considered to be art. They sounded like futurists. There was a shared anarchism and they wanted to leave a war behind. Was seeking to destroy language. Zerg data is considered be the first data because… La fille ne saan… Ici c'est ici stielistz. Interconnection of the artists. " dada was for nature and against art, First Data relief \it does not mobalize artistic skills. So artists are giving up the idea of having artistic skills. And there is another law which is the law of chance. By Hans Arp. Using a very non traditional way. … Automatic drawing ( seen later on in surrealism) there is a surrendering control, lights out or etc. Man Rey, Compass : magnet holding a revolver. It is a Wwi semi automaitc pistol. Might be used in a war. Another satrical work is the gift, iron + nails?. Marcel Duchamo: Nude Descending a Staircase No.2 date:1912: who made a very radical painting ..by 1913 he said painting is finished and he made a new art called "ready made". There is no asthetic decision. The choice was based on a reaction of visual indifference and absence of good and bad taste and complete anesthesia. He said "I was in different to them" what makes it a work of art is the artist chosing it. There are movies on fadis. Bicycle Wheel It is fixed to an ordinary stool. Bottlerack: it was a raft for bottles. Sometimes he would alter them or sometimes as it was. "we as viewers make it a work of art by looking at it" so there is a reciprocating relationship, something that was radically different than times when church and state commissioned it. Fountain: it was rejected by an exhibition that was uspposed to accept everything by society. He went to the manufacturer and bought it turned it 90 degrees and signed it. Paris Air 1919 D: brought air back. "it was a game changer and freed other artists, if not important" Fresh Widow. Within data the idea was more important than the
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