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Lisa Steele

December 3, 2012 - Test #2: pick up after 12 pm on Friday Dec. 7, room 312, 1 Spadina Crescent - Last lecture: Dec 5, 2012 (10-12) MP102 255 Huron St. - Artists and movement = most important for final exam Diversity in Postmodernism - Mostly white men in art - Modernism - 1965 - Postmodernism - Modernism: - Formal aesthetics - Avant garde originality - Abstraction - White male (norm) Postmodernism - Formal aesthetics - Pastiche - Male vs. Female artists - There isn’t anything inherently female to painting - Deal with social construction of gender but won’t necessarily be able to tell what’s painted by male/female - 1981 - Women, Art, Ideology book; feminist essays regarding art published - Work by women artists - not necessarily feminist (e.g. Georgia O’Keeffe - first and foremost an artist) - Take cues from artist themselves - Also very strong feminist artists at the time - Barbara Kruger - the gaze - History of Hollywood cinema - men looking at women; male, one-way gaze at women’s body, face - Postmodernism - Kruger produces images by reproducing images - extend and amplify meaning - Photography - destruction, difficulty of patriarchal society with intimacy, how state intervenes in everyday life - Your Body is a Battleground - silkscreen print, fundraising poster & rallying cry for women’s rights to abortion - “keep your laws off my body” - Work used in campaign against domestic violence - Like John Heartfield’s work in Berlin Dada - used as propaganda tool - Allowed her work and encouraged it to be used for women’s rights - Postmodernism = historical condition - Rupture of sovereign from Enlightenment; regulating powers (determine how we see ourselves); about formative power of images, positioning of social body - everything is determined by social constructs - Not losing anything by seeing image on computer because they’re all reproduced images - Kruger: biggest influence came from being a graphic designer - image and text - Aims to disrupt stereotype from image with the text - image says one thing; text contradicts that - Gender - not innate but constructed; adaptation to social standards of sexuality - Men act, women appear; men watch women and women watch themselves being looked at - Gaze = gendered; what does it do to both sizes of the gaze - Cindy Sherman - signifier has come loose from what is being signified; film still but no film - Film stills = so many details - She takes her entire cultural memory of movies and distilled them into these film stills - Creates scenes so carefully, so many details, you know what will happen next - Images = posed; characters are “types”; part of search for identity - Jenny Holzer - Truism series - Truism = things people say for no reason, cliches; e.g. “every cloud has a silver lining” “it doesn’t rain, it pours” - Takes things that women always say; empty, profound queasiness of the 70s - Conventional wisdom => controversial thoughts, uncomfortable - Alphabetical order - Take the shape of truisms but reveal ambivalence and queasiness of era - morality of society no longer a given; postwar era - everything exploded in Western world - Survival series - concern for society (context) in which she was living; gap between wealthy and poor growing larger; people living on the streets started to appear in the 70s - registered with a lot of artists - North America hasn’t seen this kind of crisis since the Great Depression - LUSTMORD - Confession of perpetrator - words inscribed on skin; takeoff on tattoos - we read in voice of male murderer - Repetition, domesticity, boredom = stereotypical women’s lot in life - Postmodernism in visual art - pastiche - Tanya Mars - performance artist - Pure nonsense - takes on character in history or fiction - take onAlice in Wonderland who realized she doesn’t have a penis and thinks she should have one; “the lack” - Pure Sun - may west - flaunting sexual power on own terms - Pure virtue - Elizabeth I - “the virgin queen”; media aware - watching themselves on television - 1982 - in midst of postmodern era; took on feminism - ideas around female power discussed and referred to in history - More international artists - Annette Messager - French - Women’s magazines - beauty rituals - look like “torture devices” if you look at them individually; took photographs of them - Images of fashion models and defaced them - Rephotographs and alters happy couples - conform to social norm and then questions - Postmodernism: appropriating, questioning, photography in art - Gender-bending in happy couple series - Kara Walker - silhouettes - black identity - figures cut out from black paper and pasted on top of painting (canvas) - EmancipationApproximation - plays on Lincoln’s phrase “emancipation proclamation” to abolish slavery but plays on it as it wasn’t fully abolished - Plays on Greek sculpture - Enlightenment ideals which postmodernism critiques - Fred Wilson - found parts of Baltimore history that people weren’t keen on bringing to light - Mining the Museum - silver collection, slave manacles - found catalogued in museum - no way to get rid of things that make people uncomfortable - Cabinet making - fine historically wrought chairs arranged around whipping post used until 1950s - KKK clothes - baby outfit put in historical pram - person pushing the pram was probably AfricanAmerican woman => calls up ghosts, feelings - Modernism swept this under the carpet; postmodernism brings it back up - Vast collection - collecting since 1840 - could do what he wanted - What museum puts on view = says a lot; what they don’t put on view is even more important => says a lot about society - Edward Poitras - First Nations - injustices of colonialism, residential schools - Metis artist - As snow before the summer sun - combines feathers, paint, old photo from residential school, plaster, transistors => kinetic sculpture - modern technology with old media - Being in own time rather than history => we often th
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