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Lisa Steele

November 26, 2012 Postmodernism - Painting - Dada - influential in almost all movements - Surrealism - unconscious - Abstract Expressionism - expressing feelings - Minimalism - selection, arrangement of materials - only presence of artist - Pop art - artists celebrate and question pop culture, real objects, mundane everyday - Conceptual art - dematerialization of material object, questioning all previous values, 50s - self- satisfied consumerism post-WWII; challenge of mass-media, role of women - Performance art - body of artist - Conceptual art - video, performance, earth art, body art etc. => global contemporary visual art culture - Pictures generation - born into swarm of images => post-war consumer culture - Economy based on need => economy based on desire - Identity isn’t innate but it’s learn by social constructions - Painting resurged - human figure - allegorical, narrative - Early modernist avant-garde - something new, not addressing the past, overturn and leave behind what went on before - Post-modernism doesn’t try to be new but draws on mass media - Lucian Freud - granddaughter of Sigmund Freud - AMan and His Daughter - Potential for sexual content - Gerhard Richter - 8 student nurses who were murdered brutally; seems to share Warhol’s obsession with disaster - Media’s portraits of victims - how little media provides to public - Paintings based on photos from newspapers - Identities as individuals were solidified into one => murdered 8 student nurses; can’t emerge as individuals; created from media - Blurry painting technique - Confrontation, Dead - from series Oct 18, 1977 (15 paintings) => Richter considers these as one person; museum was only allowed to display as groups - Battermindhof gang - committed suicide in German prison, considered terrorists and enemies, pure evil; considered them idealistic - Photos = tool by government - Richter raised in E. Europe by Stalinist government - Images = stillness, representations in death - Truth = sharpness and clarity = undermined by blurred paint - simulacra (looks like a photo but isn’t a photo) - We read painting as original and photography as a copy - Contradictions - situationists called fact of contemporary life; accumulation of spectacles; we no longer live a real existence; we live in spectacle, it’s a representation of what we used to do - Reality TV - representation of weddings (private, family-oriented act) - been superseded by spectacle of representation - Sigmar Polke - Raster-drawing/screen drawing => beam that went across that produced lines of information; interlaced and become moving video signal (film - series of stills) - Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald (accused assassin of JFK) - image taken from TV - Irony - hallmark of postmodernity - Photos of the time - arti
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