Lecture 9: Conceptual Art Lecture 9: Conceptual Art in details

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Lisa Steele

VIS120H1F ndMonday November 22 2010 Lecture 9 Conceptual Art Exam Thursday Dec 16 911AM MADZ RmSS2135 Robert Smithson o Spiral Jetty o Seen as a visionarytaking art outside of the studio yet still had a studio practice o Earth works experienced mainly through the documentation films photos recordings etc o Works sought to intervene with natural phenomena often to reveal how the earth responded to interventionProtoenvironmentalisto Asphalt Rundown o Regarded as minimalistearth artland artyet officially categorized as conceptual artistsWalter De Maria o Lightning field o Earthwork artists of this time had a kind of spiritual approachConnecting to energies of the earth o Vertical Earth Kilometre Conceptual art o Idea art o Information art o Taken in the form of documents body art performance art video art
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