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Lisa Steele

Major Artists: Marinetti (inventor) - manifestos and onomatopoeias Boccioni - metropolis, urbanism, noise, stationary figures and their environments, mechanism, sculpture Russolo Carra Balla - abstraction, movement, photographic studies Severini Bragaglia Futurism was an Italian Avant-Garde movement. It was short lived, and was rooted in the art of words - both spoken and in print. It was very radical, founded upon: * Rejection of tradition, values, and institution * The celebration of technology, media, war, and patriotism * Societal development and technological advancement * The emergence of Mass Media and the spread of ideas Futurism was short lived. It was one of the few movements to choose its own name - Marinetti had trouble deciding between Dynamism, Electricity, and Futurism - all of which suggest the movement's main ideas. The startling, radical main message in Futurism was the glorification of war. Marinetti was often heard spouting about the destruction of current society, in order to make way for war - "the world's only hygiene". He spoke in his manifestos of sta
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