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adrine Galway

Caligula Saturday September 18 2010 1056 PM Impossible GodModerationMoonTruthBeliefCreationCaligula Roman Cesar Cesonia Loyal wife to Caligula Helicon A loyal follower of Caligula Tried to warn him of the revoltScipio A poet He choose outright to inform Caligula of his disagreement with his rulings His father was murdered by Caligula Cherea Led the revolt but was given an out by Caligula Hated that Caligula was making human life worthless The Old Patrician A member of the revolt Disliked that Caligula disrespected him in public by calling him darling Metellus A poet Lepidus A member of the revolt Caligula killed his son Intendant Greatly feared Caligula Gave him a jumping off point for his ideas Mereia A quite member of the revolt Caligula brutally murdered him when he believe Mereia feared he would poison him Mucius A member of the revolt Had his wife raped by Caligula in the next room while all sat and ate Act IThe act begins with the Patrician sitting around wondering where Caligula is and thediscussing what they are to do if he does not returnWe are inform the Caligulas sister and possibly his lover Drusilla has died It has since been three days and guards come in to inform the room that Caligula has beenspotted around the property they all disperse to look for him Helicon first finds Caligula in the garden Caligula informs him of his new ideas to capturethe moon and do the impossibleHelicon agrees to be loyal and follow Caligula and defer the people searching for him Caligula then finds his wife Caesonia he tells her of his plans and she agrees to stand byhim
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