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David Cook

thVIC103Y1 Ideas and Fine ThoughtsMarch 19 2012 VIC103 Test Can bring dictionary CamusWhy are we here on earth What are we doingDisjunction from being here with no particular reason for being herehe called this the absurdAlso knew that he himself had faced disease so also saw that there is a level of estrangement amongst human beings have not gotten to meet people community is difficult to buildHow do you make community How do you make yourselfconcept fo rebellionIn political sense cannot be any rebellionCaligula is philosopher king tries to bring light to society through use of power but wrong use of powerHe epitomizes the problem of politics and world that we are trying to createnew consciousnessJean Paul SartreHow do you use your freedom to construct a meaningful lifeNo exit everyone is hell cannot do anything nowreflection on what they did with their livesHow they took their freedom in the past and what they did
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