Jean-Paul Sartre, author of No Exit

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thVIC103Y1 Ideas and Fine ThoughtsOctober 17 2011JeanPaul Sartre author of No ExitCame from bourgeois familyupper middle class upbringingHad many issues as a young childcould not read or writeBecame fascinated w words and writingAspired to write novel but wasnt very good at itWent to famous Paris high school that allowed him to enter the philosophy school for bright studentsFrench education system is class driven eg if come from countryside chances of getting into elite school is no good stst Sartre Spent 1 year of school in the cafes and failed the 1 year st Dated one of the 1 feminists Seymour De BeauvoirWas in open relationshipclassical antimarriage st Sartre redoes 1 year exams and stands first in class Seymour De Beauvoir stands secondSeymour De Beauvoir wrote novels and some biographical workSeymour De Beauvoir wrote the second sectWhat constitutes as Human Nature Sexual behaviour Darwin rationalityreason material wealth etcWhat is FreedomSelf control selfchoiceresponsibility of expression political freedom etcExistentialism begins with existenceSartre studied with Marin Heidegger G
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