Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit

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David Cook

thVIC103Y1 Ideas and Fine ThoughtsOctober 24 2011 A lot of ppls faiths were challenged by death campsIf losing faith then the idea of suicide was an option intellectuallyCamus worked through his resolution f suicide coming t the notion of the absurdJeanPaul Sartre No ExitIn no exit we know it is a play set in hellAs representative of Christianity Sartres views are not fairIf you are a believer Sartres starting point is one you make not like to follow4 Characters Butler Introducers everyone to each other Begins orchestration of the encountersJoseph GarcinHis sins are cowardice and callousness which caused his young wife to die of grief after his execution He deserted the army during World War II and he blatantly cheated on his wifehe even brings his affairs home and gets her to make them coffee in bed without any sympathy Initially he hates Ins because she understands his weakness and lusts after Estelle because he feels that if she treats him as a man he will become manly However by the end of the play he understands that because Ins understands the meaning of cowardice and wickedness only absolution at her hands can redeem him if indeed redemption is possibleIns SerranoIns is the second character to enter the room A lesbian postal clerk her sin is turning a wife against her husband twisting the wife
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