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Chapter 6 History Notes

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Chapter 6 History Notes The Crown Princes Who was Erich Honecker and what did he doHe was brought in to counter Ulbrichts OstpolitikSecurity Secretary SED official and later E German leader The party was his life Appointed by Ulbricht to handle details of creation of the Berlin WallCommunism was in his blood and he had been a member of the KPD since 1919 Spent younger years fighting National Socialism Honecker reached his key position in the GDR not by any election process considered valid in the W When Ulbricht was threatened with overthrow Honecker was one of the few E G leaders who supported himWho was Willy Brandt and what did he doMayor of W BerlinHad been a rebel against Nazism and Hitler since youth and published articles and a book Why did Hitler Win in GermanyAssisted loyally and uncritically in the creation of the SED and helped build its minute control over the GDR He learned from Ernst Reuter the former Bolshevik that a democratic G and Berlin had to be supported by a strong W anchor He and Rut Brandt was a pre echo of J and Jackie
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