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VIC162 Notes November 5th, 2012 Movie of the Week: Sexy Beast Hannah and her Sisters "After the Wedding" Film Presentations - 3 main themes: family (what makes up a family), hidden secrets, and rich vs. poverty - family: what makes a family? biology? emotional ties? This movie suggests biologic ties are who your family is. Jacob leaves his orphan boy over the family he has in Copenhagen - Ana is the only person who chooses emotional ties over familial ties - she chooses Jorgen over Jacob, even though Jacob is her biological father - struggles of the rich vs. the poverty in India - wealth creates an artificial image of happiness and what love should be - Jorgen's wealth is the reason Jacob ended up in the situation - the twins contrast with the children in India - there's a similarity, in that they all play soccer, but there is a difference too - simple life in India changes into a complex life in Copenhagen - secrets: inevitable that they will come to light - Jacob has the fewest secrets, but he does keep secrets and doesn't disclose all relevant information - big first secret: Ana is not biological daughter - Jacob's identity is a secret - Jorgen's interest in the charity, and his illness - Jorgen's alcohol problem - the use of eyes in the movie represents these secrets - a sense that nothing is left unseen - reveal of the disease also changes how we see Jorgen - realistic - we have to do what we feel is right - family cannot always just be based on love necessarily - unsuspecting plot and realistic characters - showed real-life events in a very real way, didn't have a fairy-tale ending - showed very real feelings - a lot of larger themes that were relatable - family secrets, realizing that your family is not who you thought they were, similarities in the families and the parallel events, choice between love and familial obligations - the death was very relatable, and Jorgen's reactions were realistic - theme of not living up to expectations - characters in the film: we can relate to at least one of them - each had their own imperfections - their relationships reflected relationships that we have in real life - Helene - you think she's a perfect mother, but she has a previous relationship that she kept hidden - Ana - sweet, naive woman - her flaw is that she is spoiled, and she acts like a chi
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