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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria College Courses
David Gilmour

Vic162 Notes November 26, 2012 Test is on the makeup class day - Wednesday December 5th - Read stuff twice - Watched movies - Find out who characters are and what they've said - Who is the coolest guy in literature? Chekhov - Give a quote - Might be the midterm again.... Tropic of Cancer - Henry Miller - who is Henry Miller thinking of when he writes this story? ▯ - a letter to himself? ▯ - for young men ▯ - like a celebration of what he's doing to make it look even better than what it is ▯ - a pep talk to himself ▯ - writing to get it out - American Dream ▯ - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ▯ - for Miller, this is not the American dream ▯ - for Miller it is sexual suppression, shocking materialism, bad art ▯ - he thinks that most artists didn't embrace the real things in life ▯ - this is what he tried to do in Paris ▯ - felt that a lot of American writers didn't embrace true issues - this book is like someone sticking their finger down their throat and regurgitating a lifetime of oppression - this was t
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