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VIC163 Notes November 8th, 2012 - Backlash or "culture jamming" - this is when intelligent people say, "I know what you're doing" and "I want to use more tactics" - an acknowledgement that our life is a spectacle - through billboards, tv, radio, internet, etc. - we realize that there is a problem with this - we are on all the time - we are being manipulated - we have a feeling inside of "mediacy" - we want to know the reason behind why we buy things - Guy de Bord was one of the first to look at culture jamming - he said he was going to refuse this and be open to chance - born in 1931 died in 1994 - wrote "The Society of the Spectacle" - we have to remain open to what is going on in our society, and in the process discover what we hate - created the idea of the "flaneur" - someone who is wealthy, independent, free, and has no aim but who questions and critiques what is going on in society - one of his tactics was known as "detournement" - turning something around - the trace is still there, but the meaning or purpose of it is changed - e.g. putting an extra element into an advertisement and appropriating it in your own way - ads are private spaces in public environments - does this give us a right to appropriate them? - we have become members of the democracy of false desire - we have tons of choices to fulfill our desire, but actually it's all the same, and we don't really want it anyways - advocating an awareness of pushing back at society and saying that we know what is going on and we don't accept it - How can we become human beings and not desensitized by the spectacle that informs us every day? - our society is hyper real - Lasn - runs Adbusters - talks about "uncooling" media frenzy - wants to uncool brands, cars, fast food, etc. - start thinking about the true cost of our marketplace - let's start uncooling the spectacle - promoting ad-free environments, no product placement, etc. - the Yes Men!, culture jamming - taking elements of our culture and saying, "Let's push back." - flash mobs - faux-tests instead of "protests" - once these tactics come into place, they become strategies - facebook suicide or defacebooking - culture jam - de-malling - wanting to go into smaller stores rather than malls - cash-mob = people get together, choose a store in their neighbourhood, and all go in and spend money there - "greening" doesn't work - what is organic? - "green" was appropriated in the 70's to point out the bad effects of people on the environment - as a shade of colour it came to mean peace, but it took on other meanings, like technophobic, clean, pure, organi
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