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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria College Courses
Anne Urbancic

VIC163 Notes - November 1st 2012 - evercool - new space for children and for tweens - (had to invent the word "tween" to talk about them) - kid-tailing is retailing to kids - we noticed that there was a secondary effect: and infantalization (the space of adults who want to stay children) - Peter-Pan-demonium - abstract spaces that will have deep repercussions on psychological/emotional/ concrete spaces - from Oct. 2011 marketing magazine "Ad-Age" - iGens - half of kids have access to mobile media device - media consumption is mainly television - before baby boom, advertising was only geared towards adults (kids were a non- entity) - as families became more affluent, and the wants of adults had been met, people started focusing on their kids, and there was a new attitude to this demographic (Barbie, G.I. Joe) - after that, the rise of children's' tv programming - not even necessarily overt commercials - covert commercials - allowance came in, and things changed - kids had their own money and they could spend it how they liked - youth market alert agency says that U.S. kidwell has been growing about 20% per year - "Kids," says Jean del Vecchio, in his book Evercool, "are a powerful lobby, voting with their own dollars and those of their parents, the results of which determine the rands that will live, and the brands that will die. This is called kidfluence." - kids ask and pester, and pester power often wins out - at first they ask for everything, but by around age 8 they are more selective - commercials are so frickin manipulative! - mom and dad can provide for children's needs, but marketer tries to play on the dreams and desires--what do you really want? - Barbie: great example of Evercool. She promotes idea of desire. Barbie goes along with the times. Keeps up with trends, and very few times when she "rubs people the wrong way" - "collectible barbies" - companies have to follow trends and fads in order to last - how do advertisers do it? ▯ ▯ - ambient advertising - intrudes into public spaces ▯ ▯ - stealth endorsers - using other normal ki
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