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Vic163 Notes November 27, 2012 Andrea - The Space of the Internet: the Hyperreal and the Real - hyperreality is an exaggeration - realer than real - can something hyperreal become real? - how big is the internet? ▯ - internet contains ▯ - the weight of the internet: 50 grams (the size of a strawberry) ▯ - very small ▯ - how much does the internet weigh? video on youtube - real consequences: cyber-bullying - over 50% of teens experience cyber-bullying - over 25% experience repeatedly - 1 in 3 receive online threats and most do not inform parents or authorities - if adults are involved, it is cyber-harassment - Megan Meier - committed suicide because of cyber-harassment - parents of a friend created fake account to become friends with Megan, and then became her friend and used it to spread rumours and lies - this case brought about new legislation regarding cyber-bullying and -harassment - online communities ▯ - websites with a major social aspect do have a sense of community ▯ - a certain flavour to the community - centers, events, etc. - frequently a particular demographic for a community - e.g. 9gag - young men in college - inside jokes within an online community - animosity between online communities - 9gaggers don't like 4channers - band together and become a force outside of their community - e.g. signing a petition, raising money, etc. - Youtube community ▯ - has a headquarters, offices, meetings, etc. just like any other business ▯ - rude comments, cat videos, etc. ▯ - over 8 million users visit each month ▯ - 4 billion hours of video watched each month ▯ - people connected through comments, views, likes, and subscriptions ▯ - creating youtube content can be a job - partner program ▯ - often big-name youtubers work together ▯ - big community of people who know each other and work together ▯ - to be a recognized part, you usually create content ▯ - in-crowd sense in the community ▯ - sub-communities - nerdfighters ▯ - competition within the youtube community ▯ - stigma and outcast a little in the community as well ▯ - selling-out - Youtube as a reality - popular youtubers often go on tour ▯ - merchandise ▯ - projects ▯ - campaigns, fundraisers, etc. - Vidcon ▯ - conference to bring together the community ▯ - instead of a hyper-reality, it becomes a reality Holly - Youtube as the New Medium and Message: Simulacra and Not-So-Symbolic Relationships - youtube's growing influence - vlogging - new kind of celebrity - people as signifiers - growing importance of youtube as a medium ▯ - news, vlogs, movies, webseries, hilarious cat videos ▯ - go-to source for all kinds of media - McLuhan ▯ - it is a cold medium - lots of ways to interact ▯ - impact on the message itself ▯ - impact on sender/creator ▯ - impact on receiver/viewer ▯ - symbolic relationship between viewer and creator - Vlogging ▯ - video blogs ▯ - regularly updated channels ▯ - they gain subscribers, and then it becomes their job ▯ - end up becoming featured and become partners - make money ▯ - don't often intend for it to become their jobs ▯ - new kind of celebrity - tactic of using youtube to their advantage ▯ - fame came from reaching people on a personal level - depend on views ▯ - different sort of relationship with the public ▯ - it still, however, is a projection (simulacrum) of a persona ▯ - more theatrical version of self ▯ - viewers do have a cold medium relationship with them ▯ - is our relationship with them a symbolic relationship - Example: Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoolike) ▯ - from England ▯ - created it in 2007 ▯ - gained 4000 subscribers in two days after making a video called How To Get Featured on Youtube ▯ - "So there was this one time when I made a video about tea and now Youtube is my job or something" ▯ - now has over 1.7 mill
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