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University of Toronto St. George
Victoria College Courses
Anne Urbancic

Vic163 - October 23 - de Certeau relates to retail spaces - we subvert uses of products and interpret different messages - manipulating space - stores manipulate their space according to what they feel their costumes want - Ikea organizes their space in a maze so that you have trouble escaping - creation in the gap: there is a customer and a product, and between them you must creat a space that entices one to the other - modern era is characterized by the building of self-esteem - in late 1990's there was a realization that this was too obvious - commercials started airing without a clear idea of what was being sold, not an overt sell: e.g. commercial about relationship blossoming over instant coffee - less visual, more sensory-oriented: all senses - entice by smell: Hollister, Cinnabon, etc. - hard-sell attitude becomes undermined - no longer "you NEED this or else" - it's a soft- sell, lifestyle based sell: this product will give you this particular lifestyle - anti-sell - you don't even know what's being sold or it looks like something completely different is being sold - not selling the meat, but selling the sizzle - "Dove" does this by promoting women's rights - but they're still selling a product - postmodern ads are sometimes unclear about what is being sold - we are asking for them (?) and as we give more information, more relatable ads enter into our space - David Glenn Mick - meanings are communicated by signs that exist at many levels - surface meanings are the ones we understand and they are very influential - space is manipulated with rhetoric - e.g. Brad Pitt is standing still, but the way he speaks and where he looks, and the fact that the camera is coming to him, create
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