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Anne Urbancic

Zukin -- personal maps Personal geography is viewed in different ways depending on race, gender, etc. Some places have diferent spaces for different types of people Zukin talks about the gap dbetween the experience of space and the knowledge of space KNowledge of space is we know what the space is, bt experience of space is have you ever been in that spae? Garreau: talks about city spaces, shaped by various modes of transportation ▯ Jerusalem is a space of donkeys and sandal leather ▯ e.g. space concepts dealing with cars When spaces start to become unstable, we notice them even more e.g. university space becoming more and more an internet space; infrastructure not as necessary We have places and spaces that are our own, but some that we would never go to Space of Retail -most ads are divided into 4 quadrants, and there are certain things that we can put into each quadrant? - Daniel Pope - consider the advertising agency - enterprise that helps you promote yourself - agency: act in some way to effect a change- 3 major advertising periods: gilded age, progressive era, and the modern era - Urbancic adds a 4th: post-modern era Gilded Era: regional productions on a smaller scale and regional distribution - began to focus on whatever advertising media they could (print and voice) - lots of convincing by text (testimonials) - shows an image of rational human behaviour, lots of solid information, talks about price, craftsmanship, testimonials, etc. Very reational Progressive Era: Brands began to establish themselves - e.g. this is where coca-cola began - regulatory agencies came into play - institutionalized practice of advertising - print media started falling into the background, because other media became more popular: zeppelins, hot air balloons, telegraph, telephone, gramophone, and, most importantly, film - becomes irrational, more impulsive: "this actress is wearing a gorgeous blouse, and so should I" - e.g. Mary Pickford: everyone wanted to be like her. She became a product - had
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