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Kenneth Bartlett

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- renaissance is not a fixed moment in time, history of an idea - believed that they were doing something new and good - renaissance believed to be an escape from darkness - the Latin prose of the barbarians were not pleasing - invented a new style of writing - in order to study history you need to distance yourself from it - created a periodization of history ergo making it possible to study Classical Antiquity - historical causality discovered in history, God isn't deterministic - they were energized that they were making a new world - created their own terms to talk about their history - J. Burckhardt . 1860 - civilization of the Renaissance in Italy - begun the aesthetic movement - tried to write a universal history of modern art - connected all the different view. of history . Interdisciplinary studies - renaissance created a new idea based around mans image of himself - created the state as a work of art made by man - agent for change - french reference to the Renaissance was a mistake - Michelieu - reinforcement of the idea of individuality - history are energizing myths in order to give meaning to a block of time - Hans Baron - Jewish scholar in Germany - wrote
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