Vic 240 - Medieval Italy

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Kenneth Bartlett

- renaissance as defined by art - introduction of perspective / changes of perspective - not possible to talk about change until scientific revolution - needs to be a first premise - new vocabulary to discuss change - Italy was the center of the Roman Empire - they held on to their deep roots - trade bean to expand with cities as their hub - nobility on horseback did not fit in mercantile cities - new style of government was necessary - rural individuals began to flock into cities - these towns and cities became very complex - Italy became the first point of contact for foreign trade - the crusades were brought about in order to ship off violent knights - religion was the only vocabulary so used it as a vehicle - the crusades were more an economic and geographic struggle - Europeans identified themselves as Christians - law school & secular education became important - trade increased because of structure - less men entered priesthood and became professionals - the merchant class wanted standard measurement - long distance trade was not possible without a unified system - long distance trading also set about a unified coinage - these things all led to government & greater structure - Italians became to invent the Florent & Ducat - the value needed to be decided upon - merchants got together & decided the value - this was a massive fundamental change - volume brings massive change - by 111 cities were progressing well - the crusades then occurred - Italian cities had a monopoly on transport, weap
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