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Florence Medici marriage horse and carriage stabbings stabbings everywhere collapse of bardi and paluzzi bank black death economic turmoil era of oligarchy ensues greater guildman begin closing elites a small group of elite individuals began to take power and decisions into their own hands the humanists began to put together a civil service that ran the state really well things began to decline and they shifted tax burden onto the remainder of societies began to put in place a reckless foreign policy in order to shift focus away from the internal issues led to the catasto experiment income / wealth tax system where the taxes are self assessed and growth of property is taxed dowries began to inflate leading to the dower fund that the state instituted in 1428 period of experimentation, shrinking government and reckless foreign policies the possibility of social mobility became less and less subsequently there was more civil unrest and hostility against the oligarchs Cosimo de Medici (il vecchio) was the nucleus to the civil unrest and wanted to bring Florence back to its routes he created a political power directed against the oligarchy in order to gain trust and attraction was identified as the leader of the opposition the oligarchs had Cosimo exiled from Florence 1433 The lesser guilds attacked the homes of the oligarchs and overthrew the power Cosimo was called back to Florence and left the constitution except for one small change, the persons who could be elected to office, accopphatori Cosimo made sure there would always be a majority of Medici supporters wanted there to be election of opposition in order to have debates between what should happen made sure that everyone who held office did so for the benefit of Florence saw Florence as the fulfillment of the humanist ideal, the new roman republic, shinning model of liberty for all of Italy made the Florentine republic work and took out factions from most of the portions of government took it upon him not to become a prince, cosimo payed out of his own pocket to do things, made Florence beautiful, held office only when he could spent a lot of money in rebuilding of the city Florence entered into a period of stability ran by Medici and Medici supporters became a state of self praising Used the Forza family who became the Duke of Milan Cosimo and Francesco Forza in order to produce the Lodi in 1454 in order to bring about peace in Italy They divided Italy into spheres of influence 1455, Italian League - Italy would bind together in order to defend a foreign invasion against one of their states There was a war against the states still but through art and culture Period of peace and stability where men like forza and cosimo could lay down roots 1464, Cosimo died - was given the title of father of his nation Eldest son Piero came to power - thought of himself as a prince that was very at odds with his fathers personality, also had gout disease constantly and he couldn’t walk 1464 -69 many of the officers of government had to go to him only lasted 5 years left as his heir, had his grandfathers touch and a humanist education - Lorenzo de Medici 1469-92 married the Orsini family - wanted to try to dilute the gout disease Orsini daughter was a Princess by upbringing and was not a happy match Lorenzo was incredibly gifted at dealing with problems Sixtus 4th - suffered from nepotism, wanted to give his family other people territory and state shameless renaissance Pope Nephew became archbishop of Florence died at 28 of sexual excess Giralimo Riario - wanted land in Imola Pope asked Lorenzo for money in order to pay for this seige Refused sixtus the loan because it was not in Florence’s best interest Pazzi family - ancient family who born crusaders and saints unbelievably rich hostile to the Medici Pope and Giralimo wanted to bulk up with the Pazzi to take out Medici The Pazzi Conspiracy - the idea was to kill the two Medici brothers(Lorenzo and Giuliano) - waited until Easter until the
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